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Soup            Clay Oven                         
Dal Soup  Tandoori Chicken      
Cream of Chicken Soup                          Chicken Tikka      
Special Island Soup  Chicken Malai Kebab
Vegetable Soup  Ghalafi Chicken Seekh Kebab
 Seafood Soup  Chicken Tangdi Kebab      
   Afghani Chicken Kebab      
   Mutton Seekh Kebab      
Cold Appetizer  Mutton Boti Kebab      
 Baba Ghannoug  Fish Saffroni Tikka      
 Taboulah  Prawn Kalimirch Kebaba      
 Grape Leaves  Prawn Tikka      
 Fattoush  Mix Kebaba Platter      
 Indian Salad        
 Ceaser Salad        
Hot Appetizer        
Chicken Pakora        
Chicken Spring roll        
Chicken Sesame Dry        
Chicken Chatpata        
Chicken Momo        
Mutton Buns        
Prawn 65        
Prawn Koliwada        
Mix Hot Appetizer